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[Illegibilus app v.2] Gina Choi by PlatinaSi [Illegibilus app v.2] Gina Choi by PlatinaSi

YAY FOR APP REVAMP *V* Bring on the new school year! Fourth year Ravenclaws are gonna rock it yo :icondivaplz:

Tried out another new painting style that I actually like o v o Might stick to this for now haha// the only thing that really got me here was Gina's hair. I have no idea how to shade her hair, let alone make the ponytail look okay ;;3;; i probably took like fifteen minutes trying to get that annoying fistful of hair to flow in a pleasing manner pfffft //fails
that, and I also think Gina's legs are a little too short??? oh well haha most Koreans have short legs anyway //stares at my own lower torso.... :iconmingcryplz:

Not a lot on her profile has changed apart from a little bit on her personality - from my various RP experiences with her, I've found she's got quite a friendly demeanor when it comes to filling in awkward silences with talk talk and more talk so I had to replace the 'reserved' personality with something more fitting. People change over time anyway! Gina's now grown a year older so yolooooooooo :icontuzkiwiggledanceplz:

{ B A S I C _ I N F O }

• Name: Gina Choi ( 최진아 )
• Age: 14
• Gender: female
• Height: 158 cm ( 5' 2" )
• Weight: 52 kg
• Birthday: May 25th
• Nationality: British (ethnically Korean)
• House: Ravenclaw
• Year: 4th

hair color: black
eye color: coffee brown

• Likes & Dislikes:

(+) holidays and celebrations, occasional strolls on the grounds, study hours in the study hall, practicing spells, exploring the castle, listening to others' chit chat, desserts
(-) people who are rude for no reason, feeling inferior, getting wet, being rushed, traditional herbal medicine

{ A C H I E V E M E N T S } - Badges and Trophies earned

1000 House Points by row Finis Badge by rowHouse Cup Trophy by rowQWC Badge by row

{ P E T }

• Name: Haneul ( 하늘, 'sky' )
• Species: Korean Magpie (Pica pica sericea)
• Gender: Female
• Personality: Loyal, but has a strong ego. Haneul demands she be treated with respect, though very friendly and loyal once she places her trust in someone. She's usually willing to deliver mail and small parcels for Gina's friends as well.

{ C L A S S E S / M A G I C A L _ I N V E N T O R Y }

 Elective Classes: 
Study of Ancient Runes

• Extra Curricular: 
Muggle Music
Magical Theory

• Main Spells

Wingardium Leviosa (Levitation Charm) - A basic charm mainly used for instruction purposes that causes an object to levitate at the caster's discretion. Very skilled wizards sometimes find creative uses for it.
Incendio - Creates a jet of flame which expels from the wand. The power of this spell increases with the skill and experience of the caster.
Impervius (Impervius Charm) - Renders an object - often an article of clothing - impermeable to many substances and outside forces, including water. Classically used for weatherproofing.
Episkey - A simple healing charm, capable of restoring minor injuries. More serious afflictions require greater magic.

• Wand Ingredients

Core: unicorn hair
Length: 13 inches
Wood: walnut
Flexibility: reasonably supple

Items in Possession (from '14 Quidditch World Cup)
Golden Snitch KeychainA golden keychain of a snitch that can be attached to your broom for decoration!
Augurey Feather (x3)A feather supposedly plucked from the wings of an Augurey, the mascot of the Liechtenstein National Quidditch Team (x0.5 EXP for selected homework submission)
Plush SelmaA plush toy of the ferocious Selma, serpent-like mascot of the Norwegian National Quidditch Team. It's quite moody. (No effect (?) )
Extra Credit Pass (x1)Can be applied to any group-related submission for an additional +10% of original points.

{ P E R S O N A L I T Y }

Curious | Observant | Polite | Open-minded | Easygoing/friendly

• Curious
This trait is best reflected in the Sorting Hat's decision to sort Gina into Ravenclaw. Her thirst for knowledge makes her eager to learn from her peers and upperclassmen, and she is constantly asking what this does and that means. However, her curiosity sometimes gets her into trouble, such as wandering into out-of-bounds areas or experimenting with spells or potions when she isn't supposed to- yielding disastrous results. Such experiences make her all the more wiser, though, and combined with the mental acuity she possesses innately, they contribute to her quickly expanding pool of knowledge.

• Observant 
Almost subconsciously, Gina takes mental notes of the people surrounding her and what's happening. Small details that are easily overlooked are always of interest to her, for scrutinizing a person or thing can help understand things about it that could never be known through other means. Though not meant to be harmful, some people find her curious gaze strange or even take offense by it.

• Polite 
Good manners and politeness, along with respectful behavior, are the first things Gina was educated on by her family based on Eastern customs. She's still a bit silly at times and may act inappropriately when joking around with friends (as most kids her age do), but her tendency to be polite to everyone (even Slytherins, though most of them irritate her to no end) doesn't change. She's learned from an early age that being polite will, in most cases, prevent people from picking a fight with you, and help solve problems in a civil way.

• Open-minded
Bias and stereotypes are the enemies of those who strive to learn more about the world and the people inhabiting it. Gina was taught to try to keep her mind from forming biases, because they cloud the mind and let no additional information in- resulting in blind rationality. Gina always tries to keep neutral in her thought processes, weighing this and that and considering other viewpoints; however, as any other young teen, her emotions run ahead of her rationality most of the time and she ends up not being as neutral as she thinks she is. ; A ;

• Easygoing/friendly
When she was younger, Gina found it more enjoyable to stay silent and let others do the talking while she listened, but as she grew older she found it less awkward to lead on conversations and encourage an air of amity even if it meant she had to do the talking herself. Sometimes she might get carried away but most of the time Gina keeps the conversations she holds at an easy pace, allowing the other to open up and befriend her quickly. When she does get carried away, she ends up embarrassing herself |D cough cough flashbacks to The Closing event where Gina almost uses the wrong spell in an overly gallant act of friendliness...... :icondeadbodyplz:

{ F A M I L Y _ & _ H I S T O R Y }

(name in parentheses is maiden name)

• Jeremy Byeong-yoon Choi [Grandfather, pureblood]
A wizard whose family moved to England with several other Korean Wizarding families during the forced invasion of Korea by the Japanese empire in the early 20th century. Gina's grandfather was a representative of the Chinese-Korean-Japanese Wizarding Organization, who primarily worked as a translator for Western witches/wizards visiting East Asia before retiring to his home in rural England.

• Soon-ok Eunice (Kim) Choi [Grandmother, pureblood
Was a traditional Herbologist living in Korea before meeting Gina's grandfather, and moved to Britain with him upon marriage. She is known among Wizarding folk of Oriental roots living in the western Europe area for her successful endeavors in combining Eastern and Western Herbology/Potioneering.

• Victor Jin-woo Choi [Father, pureblood
Being a peaceful and thoughtful man, Gina's father cares very much for his family. He also takes care not to spoil Gina but at the same time refrains from restricting her freedom to act upon her own decisions- sometimes ending up in small disagreements with her mother over the 'right way' to parent their child. Mr. Choi works as a Ministry official in the Department of International Affairs, which sends him on business trips to the East quite often, and from which he returns with souvenirs for Gina and her mother. His best gift as of yet was Gina's pet magpie, Haneul, whom he brought from Korea for her to take to Hogwarts when she turned 11.

• Jillian Kyoung-hee (Lee) Choi [Mother, Muggle-born]
Gina's mother is strict, but tolerant and understanding. She was born to a Korean Muggle immigrant family living in London, and met Gina's father at Hogwarts. A freelance potioneer, Mrs. Choi works as an assistant under Gina's grandmother in her research of West-East herbological remedies and fusion potion recipes. The two women also run a small Oriental herbal shop in a corner of Diagon Alley, where they sell exotic herbs and potion ingredients imported from the Far East.

+ family history 
The exploitation and inhumane acts committed by the Muggles of the Japanese Empire were enough to drive many Korean magical families out of the Korean peninsula to Europe or overseas to the Americas, feeling that keeping distance from the turmoil of the Muggle society there would better ensure their safety than staying in their mother country, hidden behind concealing spells and charms. The Choi family has resided in the British Isles ever since, though after the Korean War (1950~1953) many family members frequented their mother country to learn traditional magic (especially Asian Herbology and Oriental Divination), and keep in touch with the Eastern Wizarding community.

 • Character background
 Gina is an only child of a loving family that spans three generations- her grandparents, her parents, and herself. Gina's grandparents have three sons, of which the eldest is Gina's father; hence, according to filial piety, he had the duty of caring for his retired parents. (Gina's uncles live abroad but visit Britain with their families occasionally for family events or special occasions.) Despite the subdued and somewhat rigid atmosphere of the household due to old Korean traditions, Gina's parents and grandparents raised her to be independent, flexible, and open-minded- traits that are needed to live in a Western society as the Choi family have done for several generations. Gina's childhood was pretty normal and event-less except for the occasional magical mayhem she caused with her premature magical abilities (much to the irritation of her mother, who quickly got tired of cleaning up talking debris, stopping rice pots from blowing up, and catching pink polka-dotted mice). Gina spent her younger years playing in the herbal shop or roaming Diagon Alley, looking at the wondrous things displayed in the shop windows and hoping that one day she would also be able to own some of them.
The day she got her letter from Hogwarts was a hot and humid one in the summer following her 11th birthday- a day like no other, helping her mother do some 'summer cleaning' in the shop while silently wishing she was sitting in Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour with a large bowl of ice cream instead. She had recently graduated from a Muggle primary school, and while the whole family was certain she would be soon be receiving her acceptance letter from Hogwarts just like her parents had, there was still that little voice of uncertainty inside Gina's head that made her worry for the worst. To her relief, however, an owl carrying the good news arrived shortly and she spent the rest of the day shopping for school supplies with her delighted grandmother (and having a large helping of ice cream afterwards).
Gina's first two years at Hogwarts was enjoyable;  her tendency to listen rather than talk made her an amiable person to be with, and she quickly made friends with students of her House while getting to be on friendly terms with other House students as well. The castle, on the other hand, was enormous and full of wonders that could keep Gina's curious mind occupied for ages. She did get into trouble a few times during her first few months, wandering the corridors then getting too lost to find the way to her next class or spending too much time listening to the people in the moving picture frames talk to each other before realizing it was past curfew. Currently, in her third year, Gina skillfully balances her class schedule, study hours, and personal exploration time (usually spent with a few friends) to make the most of her time at Hogwarts.

Old app:[Illegibilus app] Gina Choi by PlatinaSi RP tracker + relationships: S E L E C T ? [Gina | RP/Relationships Tracker] by PlatinaSi

Gina Choi (c) :iconplatinasi:
Harry Potter and all related story elements (c) J K Rowling
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