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September 12, 2013
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C-A App: Ae-Hyun Han by PlatinaSi C-A App: Ae-Hyun Han by PlatinaSi
"I would rather die in the jaws of a Titan than by the hands of men."
WHY DOES HIS HEADSHOT LOOK LIKE A FRATERNAL TWIN. AND THE COLORS ARE ALL MESSED UP- :iconuhuhuhuplz: YES- IGNORE THAT HEADSHOT FOR NOW. IT'S NOT REALLY HIM. NOT AT ALL. I'm probably gonna redraw that later when I get the time, so for now just refer to his fullbody ref;;;;

I found this group just as entries were closing so I was stalking the journals until they did a mini-opening for those who didn't make it in in the first round ;w; I've been dying to make an SnK OC to RP with people so why not? Ehehe~

Me and my glasses guys.... :icongrosssobplz: I like megane guys too much//shot forever
and Korean characters....//bricked

Wall of text ahead! D:

Name: Ae-Hyun Han (pronounced æ hYUHn hahn)
Squad: Stationary Guard

Gender: Male
Height: 176cm (5'10" )
Weight: 62kg (137 lbs)
Age: 17
Birthday: April 9th
Ethnicity: Korean/British
Sexuality: ?????

Jun-soo Han (father; Korean)
Clarice Han (mother; British)

Defense: 3 -> 4 (Mission 0.1)
Strategy: 7 -> 8 (Mission 0.2)
Teamwork: 4
Combat: 5 -> 6 (Mission 0.1) -> 7 (Mission 0.2)
Agility: 6
Total: 25 -> 27 -> 29 points

calm | careful | meticulous | curious | experimental | caring | determined

Ae-Hyun can come off a bit cold at first, but when he gets to know someone better he becomes much more amiable. Because of events in his past, it takes some time for Ae-Hyun to trust others. He tends to choose his words carefully before he speaks, and prefers listening to others over speaking himself. Once befriended, Ae-Hyun shows great loyalty to his friends and cares for them greatly- a part of his belief that he should treat others with respect and never do unto them anything he might regret if they should die.

Though he seems like he would prefer to sit and think than throw himself into combat, Ae-Hyun's ever-curious mind and experimental side get the better of him and make him devise new tactics and skills to better execute the moves he has learned.

Ae-Hyun is also somewhat of a perfectionist, showing a small frown of disappointment whenever he gets something wrong. His tendency to be meticulous in everything he does makes him seem slower than his peers when finishing tasks. However, he doesn't mind because he knows that precision is also as important as dexterity when it comes to survival in battle.

Past story:

Ae-Hyun lived with his mother and father as an only child in the southern part of Wall Rose, close to the center near Wall Sina. His parents ran a small glasses shop, earning enough for the family to live without any monetary issues. His father was a renowned optician who made glasses for the people in the capital and the surrounding area where they lived. Being a pureblood Korean, he was especially talented with his hands and Ae-Hyun would spend hours watching his father work with small bolts, hinges, and nosepieces. He also enjoyed listening to his father talk about their ancestors, who lived in the Far East before the first Titans appeared, while he worked. It was his father who taught him how to write their old language; Ae-Hyun spent many hours outside in their yard, scratching symbols into the dirt as he tried to pronounce them as smoothly as his father did. Curious and eager by nature, Ae-Hyun was always striving to learn new things- when he was not in his father's workshop or doing chores, he could be seen all over town, talking to other villagers and observing what they did for a living. Overall, he was a bright and optimistic person for most of his childhood.

One day, however, Ae-Hyun was wandering the marketplace on one of his daily adventures- when he was approached by a man he had never before seen around town. Being the curious boy he was, he struck up a conversation with the stranger in an attempt to be friendly and to see what new things he could learn from this person. Naturally, Ae-hyun told the man his name, which the stranger took particular interest in; the unfamiliar man was also interested in his ethnicity, and smiled when the boy told him that he was half-Korean. Ae-hyun didn't notice that the man, engaged in casual conversation with him, was slowly leading him to a less crowded corner of the marketplace, near the alleys of buildings. It was only when two other men pounced on him that he realized his dire situation.

Luckily for him, a group of Stationary Guard soldiers were passing through the area, and one of them spotted the criminal act. Ae-hyun was saved as the soldiers swiftly came flying on their manuever gear, chasing the men off. The incident itself was a big shock to the young boy, but what traumatized him from then on was what the soldiers had said amongst themselves: that there were people who hunted such rare breeds of humans to sell at ridiculously high prices in the black market of the capital city, that the people who bought such beauties were aristocrats with odd taste... and that no one knew what happened to those who were taken away. Ae-Hyun realize that his life was not as safe and happy as he had imagined up to now; there was no such thing as a peaceful, common life so long as he was part Oriental.

After the events in the marketplace, Ae-Hyun tended to stay inside the house, afraid to see any unfamiliar adults. While he confined himself in the house he made himself useful by learning some of his father's craft and applying his knowledge of metalwork to mending old household items for his mother and neighbors. Ae-Hyun also spent his time sitting in the chair beside the window of his father's workshop, poring over the few books they had in the household.

His hermit life did not keep out the bad news customers would bring to the shop, though: disappearances of part-Oriental people were on the rise, and many were worried for the safety of the pureblood optician's son. Ae-Hyun's father had many customers from Sina and was too well-known to be a target, they all would say, but his son could easily be used as a means of blackmail. As Ae-Hyun grew older and learned more and more of the corrupt things happening to people like him behind the central Wall, his dread of capture intensified. After hearing a rumor of a gang of traffickers invading a household in Shiganshina to get ahold of the Oriental mother and half-Asian girl living there Mikasa reference *cough cough* he felt he would not be safe anywhere, even in his own house. Remembering the group of Stationary Guard soldiers that saved him back then, Ae-Hyun decided he would enlist in the military where he would at least be safe from any greedy hands. Any hardships he would encounter during his training, he told himself, would be far much endurable than an inhumane life under possession of a sick-minded aristocrat. Though his parents did not want to see their only son throw himself into battle with the Titans, they both agreed that it would be for the best; for if he returned as a corpse, he would have died in honor- as opposed to any other sickly situation that might befall someone with such rare traits.

Reason: 'If I am to be subjected to pain, humiliation, or death at a young age, I would rather it be for the good of humanity than for a corrupt aristocrat's pleasure.'

Likes| Dislikes:

+Learning new things and figuring out how things work. Immensely interested in the mechanism of the 3DMG.
+Watching his comrades train and giving them advice as an objective onlooker
+vegetable soup
+sitting on top of the walls, gazing at the outside world
+wearing formal attire (influence of his father)
+tinkering with kinks in his peers' 3DMGs

-being commented on his Oriental features
-misplacing his glasses
-people who are suspiciously friendly
-going to bed early


*Hair and overall facial features inherited from father, eye color inherited from mother
*Ae-Hyun (
애현, 愛賢) means 'love and wisdom' in Korean. His father named him so in hope that his son would appreciate the value of both logical reasoning and human emotion.
*Awkward around girls- there weren't many girls his age in his neighborhood where he grew up.
*Speaks with a British accent (influence of his mother)
*Does not wish to go into Military Police because the mere thought of having to see the people of Wall Sina makes him sick

RP style:

For paragraph-style rps, I prefer dA Notes.
For script-style rps, I prefer Skype.
I can also RP through asks/reblogs on Tumblr! Here's Ae's ask account:
I'm not a big fan of comment rping and I'm not familiar with/take too much time for other styles of rping, gomen ;3;

Task 1: character app (you are here)
Task 2: RP example -
Task 3A: [C-A Task 3A] Aptitude Test by PlatinaSi Task 3B: C-A task 3B by Mavis-Aeris

So yeah- hope I make it in ;v; There are so few slots ahhhhhhh :iconsobbplz:
If anyone wants to rp with Ae you're welcome to drop me a note asking for my skype ID! :iconallmyloveplz:
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kwony101 Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2014
Question. Does he have a love interest? 
PlatinaSi Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes, in fact he does - Tuesday Belyakova of the Stationery Guard! :3
neku0 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014
*nosebleeds* very handsome !!!!!!!!!!! i wonder if attack on titan girls fall in love with him hahahah
PlatinaSi Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ahaha thank you so much! <3 haha maybe, maybe not - who knows? :iconsexybrowsplz:
Lunamoon6657 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
he looks hot
PlatinaSi Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haha thank you! <3
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Maria : nice to meet you
thewolfofanime Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2014  Student Writer
scREAMS I love those serious, cold, asshole characters and most importantly when well developed like yours! I'm glad you balanced him out, making him seem like he could fit in the harsh reality of Shingeki no Kyojin. 

Normally I don't like when other nationalities because it's very hard to seem in the canon verse, but I'll always look over it when it comes to a good OC!! I think he can do much good!!! 
PlatinaSi Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ahaha thank you very much! <3 Yeah it was difficult trying to get him to be a Korean without making him a Gary Stu or something but I'm pretty satisfied with how he turned out u v u /// Again, thank you for the lovely compliment //v//
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